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The real estate classifieds is a real estate community for brokers, buyers and sellers of real estate! All are welcome here! Come join and grow your business, expand your client base and potentially increase your revenues! This is a great opportunity for anyone in the real estate industry!




This website is strictly focused on real estate. We offer this platform for Brokers, Buyers and sellers of real estate. You can advertise your Property for rent, trade and sale on this website,request property or services, post jobs or services wanted or offered! This website is a way for you to get exposure for your property and to potentially help you rent, trade or sell it. Increase your business with us, you are welcome to advertise  on this website. Any advertising is subject to our full terms and conditions, see our terms.
We created this community and all websites in our community to help you grow your business, we welcome you to join this community website and our other websites! We look forward to having you join and advertise your offerings. There are many potential clients who would love to see what you have to offer. We give you the opportunity to join all of our community websites giving you even more exposure and more opportunity to increase your business and get new clients! We love to see what you have to offer ,it is easy to join and free to register you can post as many property ads as you like and you can control any details you wish to make public or keep private. We really hope you can join and take advantage of this great community for real estate people. Please go and look at all our community websites all are 100% free to register. We hope we can help you grow your business and meet new clients! Enjoy the community.

Thank you.
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Frequently Asked Questions


1) Who can join and advertise?
 anyone 18 years of age or older. If under 18 you MUST have consent of parent or legal guardian to use or join any of our websites!
2) Can i join all your websites in your YOUconnections network? Youconnections.com for details
 YES anytime as many times as you want it is free to post basic ad and only 3 dollars for a premium ad which puts you at top of searches! All payments go thu paypal.
3) What can i post on your website?
 Links to your videos, etc, post about you and your offering! Share your pictures and videos, events etc. This is your showcase put your best stuff in your ad.
4) Is this classified advertising site?
YES we use that format to advertise YOU!
5)What can't i post?
Please do not post any hateful or pornographic images or text, that will not be allowed, keep it cool,keep it clean do not be offensive or hateful towards anyone please thank you.
6) Should i put my contact info in my ads?
 YOU decide and control whatever you want to PUT,not us, this is all up to YOU! 
Remember you are 100% responsible for anything you post and anyone you intreract with ,fully on you. See our terms and conditions thanks.
7) Do i need any prior experience to join your website?
100% no ,you can join anytime! :)
8) Do you also seek opportunities?
We are always looking at opportunities, if we like your offering we will reach out to you to take the discussion further ,yes.
9) What experience do you have with real estate?
GREAT question,we have lots,over 30 years combined. 
10) Is ad payment a one time fee?
 Free for basic ad or only 3 dollars for a premium ad,thats it one time.
11) Do you advertise your website to get me noticed?
OF course,we will reach out to get people to come see you on our websites! 
12) If someone  contacts me should I respond to them?
IF you join our websites you do so FULLY UNDERSTANDING AND AGREEING you and ONLY YOU are fully 100% responsible and LIABLE for any interactions you have with any members or non members of our websites at ANYTIME. PLEASE understand this, if you do not agree with this please do not sign up thanks :)
 Is a website community for realtors,buyers and sellers. 
14) Do you offer any compensation or guaranty rentals or sales for me?
 WE cannot and DO NOT guaranty anything other than WE OFFER YOU A PLATFORM to advertise on.
15) Can I change my ad after i post it?
YES you can anytime you want you can ADD OR DELETE anything in your ad!
16) Will people worldwide see me on your website?
YES and CAN leave you comments of support and interest in you.
Remember: By using or joining this website in any capacity or manner you are 100% liable and 100% responsible for anything you post on this website or for any interactions you have with any person, member or non-member of this website, before, during or after your use of this website. You understand and agree WE are 100% indemnified against any loss, injury or damage you may incur as a result of the use of this website before, during or after your use of it. This damage, injury or loss includes, but is NOT limited to, any financial,emotional,physical or mental damages, loss or injury. You agree and understand that by joining this website or using it any capacity, you or any 3rd party representing you, waive any right to litigation or claim,legal or otherwise against us and that if you are under the age of 18, you have the consent of a parent or legal guardian to use this website. You agree and understand, should you not agree with all terms and conditions stated herewithin in their entirety without exception, that you will not use this website in ANY manner or capacity ,thank you. WE make no claim or representation of employment or enrichment of any kind, we are merely a platform to showcase you on. We do not endorse or represent the post details, beliefs or representations of any member of this website, nor do we represent their authenticity, validity or currentness. Any hateful,obscene or pornographic posts will be removed off this website without prior notice to poster and if a premium ad (paid for) no refund will be granted. Any changes or modifications to these terms and conditions is strictly at our discretion including any fee changes for posting ads. Thank you. You agree you have read and understood all terms and conditions and by using this website in any capacity will abide by them without exception. 




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